Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Elementary school art - Printmaking - Monoprints

Today I gave lessons in simple monoprint printmaking to students from grade two and grade one/two split class.
The theme was "thinking of spring/summer". After an especially bitter cold and snowy December and beginning to January this hopefully raised spirits in the process.

I purchased a couple of inexpensive rolls of coated freezer paper to use as the painting plates.
I mixed water based block printing inks with Createx Monotype medium and this helped the paint grip the waxy side of the paper when it was applied with synthetic #5 watercolour brushes.

A quick fine spray of water mist was made to the painting to allow as a release agent. Subi blockprinting paper was placed over top of each painting. Students applied pressure using soft rubber brayers rolled over the top sheet and transfer of paint pigments were made onto the top sheet.

The young artists really enjoyed this activity and we were able to accomplish everything in the one hour sessions for each grade with a little prep of materials in advance.