Monday, September 7, 2015

Forthcoming solo miniature print exhibition - final stages of preparation

For the past two years I have been developing a series of small print-based images on paper that are based on a common theme. Each one falls under the category of miniature art. The collective series is known simply as The Boreal - Small Wonders. It explores flora/fauna unique to the region of Canada that I reside in.
I utilized four techniques to achieve the series. These include serigraph, collagraph, drypoint on clear acrylic plate, polymer plate etching using both originally drawn artwork on film and photography. With the inclusion of hand colouring using watercolour and liquid acrylic inks with brush it became mixed media.

Woodland Caribou
image size: 8 x 10 cm
edition of 15

I decided to pursue this project from a small print perspective for several reasons:
  • working within a preset budget determined the number of works that could be produced
  • the viewer is forced to look at each from a close proximity and perhaps develop an intimate relationship in an understanding of each subject
  • This personally challenged me to work in small scale and make decisions about elements like composition and fine details.

Loons (drying on board and awaiting inclusion of water base media)
photo based polymer plate etching
image size: 7 x 10 cm
open edition

My belief is that small works of art can say as much if not more than larger counterparts.

I will be uploading the entire series to my website to coincide with the exhibition towards the end of this month.

On Sunday Oct 18 I am giving a one day workshop at the gallery space to those who would like to make their own miniature polymer plate etching.