Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Elementary School Art - Teaching Relief Printmaking in the schools

I recently completed a 25 hour placement in a regional school where the students learned to make multiple colour relief landscape and other prints. This was my first solo venture as an arts educator into the educational system through the Artist in Education program which is offered to schools by the Ontario Arts Council. I have been active through another program here in Thunder Bay called Community Arts and Heritage Education Project (CAHEP) for the past three years running where projects I've offered have been selected by teachers/schools. Usually the time committment is much shorter for these in comparison to the OAC projects.

For this project the students learned relief printmaking from scratch and were given the opportunity to create a series of square format landscape colour prints.

Below are a couple of photos showing a few of the finished prints displayed in a horizontal panoramic type format.

To view a PDF file that gives the project overview and also includes a photo montage of particular stages of this project click on the following link:
the pdf file can be opened by clicking on the blue underlined text link which is located underneath the photos on the page.

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  1. It's always nice to see an artist giving something back to the community. Also, it's important to help inspire the next generation of artists. Keep up the good work, Brian

    I recently donated some stone and voluntered to teach soapstone carving to the kids in the Foster Care Program at the United Way. The kids seemed to enjoy it; I plan to visit them again in the fall.