Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On the road away from the studio being inspired

Just returned home from a week and half in Southern Ontario. One of the highlights during my trip was at the Art Gallery of Hamilton where I had the privilege to view a show titled "Nature and Spirit". This retrospective features the coastal landscapes of noted Canadian west coast painter Emily Carr. (click on link at the beginning of this post) This show is on loan from the Art Gallery of Vancouver and is a wonderful collection of this famous Canadian artists works on canvas over the period of her entire career. I find her imagery most interesting, her colours are delightful and the play of shapes are very pleasing and a mix of the energetic and the sublime. There is indeed a connection made when I look at her keeps my attention.
Here is a link to a great site dedicated to the art and writings of this artist:
I am also sorting out some photos I've taken over the past few years to use as source material for new images in my printmaking. Here are few of my favourite including three recent photos (#6, 7 & 8) taken during my recent road trip along Lake Superior to S. Ontario and back:


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