Thursday, December 18, 2014

Visits to schools 2014/2015 (Pt 2 of 2) - grades 5 and 6 projects

Grades five and six students explored relief printmaking with their projects.

Grade 5 exploration for this project was structures. It served as the basis for creating one large colour image onto a contrast colour of  paper.
The first part of the project had them formulate a sketch on paper and then by tracing it onto a thin vellum paper they drew it again into a rectangular thin dense foam plate using ball point pen. (Scratch-foam made by scratch art USA).
A related element was created and by using stamping they repeated the same block image as 12 small prints side by side on a half sheet of colour subi printmaking paper.
Using a template that I had laid out and cut, I used light gray pencil crayon to mark in where the large and border imagery was to be pasted down onto the same size of a rectangular base sheet of Pegasus black cover paper.

Grade 6 undertook a project that is simply known as You Cube. It pairs repeated two colour contrast self portraits realized as relief block onto six sided corrugated cardboard cubes. 
There were 4 stages involved in this project that included:

  • taking a digital photo (selfie) and then transferring this to the surface of a soft carvable block
  • carving away the surface to create a relief 
  • printing of six images using contrast inks and paper colours
  • constructing the cube from waste cardboard then trimming and adhering the print to each side

grade 6 student carving away non black line areas of his block

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