Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lake Superior shoreline collagraph

It has been a while since my last post and the new collagraph study that was then in progress. The good news is I found some time to add in colour to the print. However before this occurred I took a weekend roadtrip to this spot depicted in the print image to be inspired for my treatment of the sky and landscape. Good fortune smiled on me that weekend with warm and sunny early fall weather conditions.
I returned with quite a number of photos from which the final image shown above emerged.

I applied caligo safewash etching ink to the plate surface with home-made felt dabbers. The plate was wiped back with bunched up tarlatan fabric followed with a good wipe of old yellow pages. I rolled a little ink onto the foreground trees that were raised slightly already. This helped to define them a little more. Soaked and blotted italian milled rag (magnani) was set over top of plate on the press bed.
I used both tube watercolours and washes of liquid acrylic inks to colourize this first of several prints on paper that had been printed in just a single colour.

detail from left side

I plan to pull a number more prints from the plate soon and get an edition established. There is an opportunity for me to have the color framed study make it's debut in a regional print exhibition here in Thunder Bay starting Oct 15, 2016 at our waterfront Baggage Building Arts Center.

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