Sunday, February 19, 2012

Elementary School Art - Relief prints and Collagraphs

Grade five students printing blocks using a baby press with my assistance

 student carving eco-karve material block

 students construct collagraph plates and print them using the press

 example of collagraph print and plate by a grade five student

 Just wrapped up several visits into two elementary school classrooms in placements through our Community Arts and Heritage Education project.
One grade five class learned to carve and print a relief block in black ink then add colour in after using watercolour.
The other class, a grade four/five split constructed low relief collage plates using everyday common materials and recycled items destined for the trash bin.
Both grades explored the themes of ancient civilizations. The block prints are exclusively Eygptian influence where the collagraphs explored ancient roman, greek, eygptian and chinese cultures of old.
For the collagraph print project students used Akua Intaglio inks with blending medium which were painted, wiped and rolled onto the plates.
The final works on paper were presented to the public this past week in a display at our local community auditorium. Below are examples of student work and also photos taken of the display.


  1. Talented group of students. Must have been fun!
    Stay inspired!

  2. Thanks Michelle
    it was a lot of fun.
    Organization with both of these projects was the key. Having helping hands available during the process was essential as it proved to be somewhat messy and a big clean up afterwards ;)