Friday, March 2, 2012

Collagraph experimentations with new ink


This is a recent little collagraph study I made. It measures 10 cm x 10  cm or 4 x 4 inches.
The plate is a substrate base of thin cardboard (the backing from a writing pad.) I glued on cut out pieces of cardboard packaging from a food product to create the flower petals. Also added modeling paste and a little white glue to create the lily pads. I also peeled away a bit of the top layer of the base board in between the raised areas. Surface marks were made using an xacto blade to create fine lines in the flower petals. Three coats of water based varathane were spray over top to seal it.
The plate was then inked up with Akua Intaglio inks (using both finger wiping and brush application). Printed on the Canson Edition paper.
The Akua ink is nice. It applies nicely to the plate using both brush and wiping with scrim. It is very easy to clean up to with water and liquid soap.

This is the plate cleaned off after the first print was made

I am experimenting with a few other designs at the moment including some abstract collagraphs that have a textural element created from the dried out contents of a Brita water filter used as a replacement for carborundum. Will post these next blog entry.



  1. Nice print Brian - even the plate looks good
    (as they so often do!) I look forward to seeing the next prints.
    I had wondered about the Akua inks, so thanks for the recommendation. They're quite expensive over here, but I'll give them a try. What colours did you get?

  2. Thanks Colin
    Colours I purchased and mixed secondaries from were 119 ml size jars of Crimson Red, Phthalo blue, Dairylide yellow and Carbon black. These sell for around $12 USD here in North America. I also bought 59 ml jars of Quinacridone Magenta and Titanium white which are priced around $8 USD. Also got a small bottle of blending medium.

  3. Sounds like a good set of mixing colours Brian. They only seem to be availible here in 236 ml jars at £20-25, so better value in the US I think.
    Saw the new print you posted and it looks good printed in black. Easy to forget how effective they can be when you get caught up in seductive colour...