Sunday, March 31, 2013

Drypoint Workshops Saturday March 23 & March 30 2013

Participants engaged in intaglio printmaking workshop
in Dryden Ontario Sat. Mar 24 2013

Yours truly (standing) and some of the 13 participants who attended
my drypoint on plastic plate with monotype workshop held in Thunder Bay
on Saturday March 30, 2013.
The past week has been a busy one. Yesterday I gave the second of two workshops here in my home city. Last Saturday in the city of Dryden Ontario (4 hours west of here) I gave the same workshop in drypoint on plastic plate to 11 participants.
Participants were given pre-cut plates (13 x 17 cm) or 5 x 7 inches and drypoint tools. They scribed images into the surface and also were encouraged to experiment with altering the surface of the plastic using sandpaper, implementing drawing techniques such as crosshatching and stippling to create tonal areas.
They were not only able to produce a single colour image on paper but I also showed them how to apply spot wiping of colour on the surface of the plate (a la poupee), monotype from a separate plate and also direct application of thinned out ink using brush to the surface of the plastic.
I would say this endeavour turned out very successful and every person who participated really enjoyed this type of printmaking and took home several prints each that originated from their individual plates. Below are photos showing highlights of these workshops.

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  1. Trekker, You have got some outstanding talent that attended your workshops. PCL/JR