Thursday, May 2, 2013

More styrofoam relief jigsaw block printing

A recent print on black paper derived from Styrofoam plate. I used a jigsaw method to cut apart key components of the plate, then applied Graphic Chemical water soluble ink onto the pieces. These were reassembled and the paper was put over top. Using hand burnishing this is the resulting print on paper.
Title is Moon Dance (Inukshuk Aurora series).
The image size measures  11 x 23 cm (4.25 x 9 inches.)

this is being used as a demo for a free printmaking weekend for youth at a local arts centre where I live this coming weekend. Styrofoam will be the surface used so perhaps this will inspire some creative minds?


  1. I would love to see the plate! This is great!

  2. I will take a photo of the plate and post tomorrow Roberta

  3. I have just undertaken a school and I also have 1 hour slots with the children. I have been trying to find ideas for exciting projects they can do. As someone with no printing experience, this is really helpful and has been me access to a technique I can use with them. Thank you for sharing