Sunday, April 5, 2009

Block relief landscape - Wolf Lake, Northwestern Ontario

Here is the start of a new study. It is a depiction of a place called Wolf Lake, which is found in a remote wilderness area about an hour and a half east of Thunder Bay (a bit of drive in off the trans Canada highway) near the small town of Dorion. It is accessible by a bumpy surface gravel bush road which follows the western shore of the lake for a good part. I had the opportunity to visit Wolf lake in August 2008 and from the many photos taken that day this sketch was derived. The shoreline on the eastern side of the lake is defined by escartment and cliff face giving one spectacular views from both above and below.

The area is part of the Ouimet Canyon geological system. The Wolf River flows out of the lower end of the lake and southward until it empties into Lake Superior.

The freehand sketch was made using Sakura gelly roll white and silver ink permanent marker onto a piece of battleship linoleum which has been darkened with a Sharpie Chisel point permanent black marker. The next stage is to mount the lino onto an equal size piece of masonite board to keep it flat for the cutting and printing stages.

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