Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wolf lake - working proof

I have cut the block and decided to print a test proof. The block had black oil relief printing ink rolled on and was printed onto Subi white blockprinting paper. I spotted a couple of areas that will be refined a little more with cutting tools before the final print is made. My intention is to print this in a single colour (black) on ph neutral paper like Coventry rag or Somerset. Then watercolour will be painted into the image.

The block size is 13 x 18 cm (5 x & inches).

Below is an example of a print I did in 2007 titled Lake Marie Louise which incorporates this hand colouring technique into a single colour of ink printed on to watercolour paper.


  1. Me parece espectacular el trabajo sobre madera que realiza. Pero me surge una duda : ¿como define que parte irá en negro y cual en blanco?, ¿cual es el proceso que emplea?. El resultado es impresionante, me apasiona.

  2. northwoods trekkerApril 8, 2009 at 11:18 PM

    Gracias Angel. Me disculpo por español de discurso. Tengo que utilizar la traducción de lengua del Internet de Babblefish para sus comentarios.

  3. Es una impresión del linóleo. Impreso en tinta negra del aceite.

  4. Thanks for your quick response and sorry for writing in Castilian but my English is limited. I thought when I read his blog, the impressions made in the wood and not on linoleum. And seeing the hard work that leads me to question the process of selection of light and dark (ink) of their impressions. I love your work and thank you very much taking the time to reply.

  5. Camino is my wife, has left his post at the post. Excuse the error.