Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cedar waxwing block print - mid stage developments

Continuing with the new block print I have now created a second block from which the colour ink that defines the background sky will be printed. However first I decided to mount the linoleum keyblock onto an equal size piece of masonite board to help keep it flat and also allow a better application of ink with the roller. I simply glued the two pieces together and set a weight on top until the adhesive had completely dried.

For the background sky block I am using a piece of easy to cut vinyl mounted on top of masonite. This keeps it the same height as the keyblock and will not create an offset on the print paper due to height variance. I traced an outline of the bird and stump shape with carbon paper onto the easy to cut vinyl and then cut it away with a U gouge knife blade. I also trimmed back the material around the perimeter of the block surface (about .3 cm or 1/8 inch). When I overprint my opaque black keyblock the black line will cover over this gap.

Easy to cut vinyl mounted on masonite board and inked using a roll blend from dark to light

My Japanese soft rubber brayer hanging on hook with blend roll of ink applied to the (24 cm or 9.5 inch long) cylinder awaiting application on the block surface

The background sky block is printed first (ink was applied using a blend roll where dark and light blue are blended together and applied by roller onto the block). Notice the white open areas that define the shape of the bird and the tree stump. These will remain white underneath the black key block outline and will allow me to apply watercolour to add the colouring in the bird.

The block ready to be printed using the press roller. I will set the paper over top and secure that usingthe three hole punch (the blue plastic and metal on the left hand side. A thin paper board is set over top of the print paper and it is passed under the press roller transferring the ink to the paper.

I have decided that the variation in colours in the bird itself would be a bit tricky to cut blocks to print due to the small area of colour needed, therefore I will apply watercolour into this area by hand. I have cut back all the line (aside from the perimeter border) on the key block to allow the bird to stand out. The colour blend in the background will act as the area of interest around the bird but not take away from the focus.

Next post will feature the key block printed over top of the blue and one of the first hand coloured finished prints.

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